Carol Harrison has been announced as the final star to be cast in the all-female world premiere preview of The Thunder Girls.

Carol will be playing the leading role of Chrissie Martin, former lead singer of The Thunder Girls, who at the height of the band’s success, ditched the others to pursue a solo career, taking their manager, Rick, her bandmate’s boyfriend with her.  Chrissie would trample on anyone to get to the top and stay there. For decades Chrissie maintained her stardom whilst the other girls’ lives and careers fell apart. Now Chrissie must face the former friends and bandmates she cast aside without looking back to join her at Wembley Stadium for the pay cheque of their lives.  But can a price be put on pain, anger, heartache and betrayal – at The Reunion Dinner From Hell – the audience are about to find out…

The Thunder Girls follows an 80’s girl group reuniting 30 years after greed, envy and egos tore their friendship and the band apart. The play focuses on what goes on during the night from hell when lead singer Chrissie tries to reunite the band she dumped. Chrissie is desperate to salvage herself from bankruptcy after being conned out of her fortune by her toy boy husband.  But is there a fee which can heal the wounds?  Or maybe some friendships never die, even if you want them to?

The Thunder Girls is a true celebration of women.  All four of The Thunder Girls actresses are over 50, one of the most under-represented demographics in the UK entertainment industry.  The show has a female writer, female producer and female director and all from working class roots – another area which is under represented in mainstream media.  The debut play by Melanie Blake is an adaptation from her first novel of the same name which will be released by Pan Macmillan this summer. The week long premiere preview will open at The Lowry, Salford on 24th September 2019 and tickets are on sale now. The run is nearly sold out in record time for a completely new piece.

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